My Peak Rank Is Incorrect, Why?

Since Operation Brutal Swarm (Y7S3), Ubisoft has been providing stats through a new API (Ubisoft APIs provide us with your profile stats). The new API does not allow us to check previous season stats, only the current season. We cannot update previous seasons anymore.

Can We Correct The Issue?

Unfortunately not, we can't update older seasons anymore. Even if you have proof of your peak rank, we do not manually alter profiles.

What Can I Do To Prevent This Issue In The Future?

  • Make sure you visit your R6 profile on our site once you've hit your peak rank for the current season. You must do this before the season ends. 

  • It's best to visit your R6 profile on our site just before each season ends. This way, we'll be able to capture all your matches for the season. If you need a reminder to update your profile, turn on notifications for our Twitter account, or join our Discord and grab the "Rainbow 6" role.