My Current Rating Is Incorrect.

Players ranked below Immortal: Your current rating is based on the last rating you entered a match with. Therefore, promotions and demotions will usually be delayed by one match.

Players ranked Immortal+: Your rating is updated from Riot's official leaderboards, usually once an hour. Remember that "anonymizing" your leaderboard placement in-game will also stop us from tracking the exact rank. Your rating will show up as just "Immortal" or "Radiant". 

If a red triangle appears next to your rank on our website, it means your leaderboard placement is anonymized. To fix, 

you need to turn off "anonymous" mode on the leaderboard page in-game. 

If this option was already disabled and the red triangle is still showing on your profile after an hour, you should toggle the anonymize feature on and off, then wait another hour.

My Peak Rating Is Incorrect.

There could be a few reasons your peak rating is incorrect:

  • We also only collect recent matches. If you're new to the site we may have missed old matches.
  • You didn't play 1 more match after you hit your peak rating that Act.
  • Immortal+ only: Before the in-game leaderboard updated to show your peak rating, you played another match and lost.
  • You were anonymized on the in-game leaderboard, read the steps above to prevent issues in the future.
  • We don't include peak ratings from Episode 1. It was considered a lot easier to reach high ranks during this period, so don't show the peak rating in the profile sidebar.

Please note: Even with evidence, we won't manually correct your peak rating, sorry!