Due to limitations with the game, we can only see;

  • The current Legend you are playing (Also known as the 'featured legend')
  • All three 'Tracker' slots for your currently selected Legend.
  • Your current 'Ranked Points' for the Ranked Battle Royale mode.
  • Your account level 

Below is a demonstration of what we could see from a player card. (Your selected Legend, The Trackers, The Rank of the player, and we would see the account level, which isn't shown here)

My total account statistics are inaccurate.

As noted above, we can only update one Legend at a time and cannot see your 'account total' statistics displayed in-game. If you wish to update your totals, players must update one Legend at a time with the appropriate trackers enabled.

*We are aware that some 'Global Trackers' were recently added to the game; we have not added support for these yet as they were limited to certain accounts. We may add these in the future.

My rank scores are not accurate.

For RP to update, players must play at least two games per split in the Ranked playlists. Please keep in mind if your account is brand new to Apex Tracker you may need to play matches for RP data shows, regardless of how many games you played earlier in a season.